Rebels member arrested on drugs and weapons charges after two days of clashes with police

Police arrested a leader of a rebel group in the north of Libya who was arrested on Sunday, three weeks after their group staged a failed coup, local media reported.

Libyan news channels said the military council chief, Colonel Mohamed Abdel-Mahdi al-Hameed, had taken refuge in a hotel in Ajdabiya after being detained by security forces in Tripoli, south of Tripoli.

A security official told the Associated Press news agency: “The government is holding our deputy president Mohamed Abadi in the hotel hotel near Ajdabiya with weapons and drugs.

“He has not been given the right papers to enter the hotel.”

“As well as weapons and explosives, he was also arrested earlier [Saturday] at the town of Khuwayri. The [regime] sources said he received three months’ confinement. The reason for his confinement was his involvement in a criminal case against the security forces.”

Hameed has been accused of playing a central role in the uprising against Colonel Gadhafi, which began in 2011 and is now raging in parts of the east, with the west. But Western allies have backed the opposition and accused it of trying to undermine efforts to oust the Libyan leader.

The two-month-old uprising has pitted the militias against each other and militias have taken to cutting off road, rail and border crossings into Libya in an effort to isolate their neighbours.
The rebels say the Libyan military has not been fully independent. They have criticised Wes우리카지노tern officials for allowing Libya to remain at the brink of an international crisis since the 2011 overthrow of Colonel Gadhafi.

But우리카지노 some Western governments and aid organisations have blamed the violence on militias on the eastern edge of Tripoli and the eastern coastal town of Misrata.

On Thursday the rebel leaders said they would stop fighting if the foreign powers backing President Mohamed Ali Zeidan and the unity government are allowed to negotiate without violence.